Teyvat is a world full of stories. The only problem is that those stories are often told in the slowest, most grueling way possible. My love for Genshin's world has painfully fallen apart the more I play of it, but I return for pretty much one thing only... To build up my babies.

Despite my frustrations with the story gameplay, I still enjoy each and every character. The gameplay of fight mechanics is easily my favorite part, and I look forward to the monthly Abyss reset. (The end-game content.) I think I'm in it for the long haul now, and I'm not sure I'll rest until the game's end.

Plus, I get a sick kind of competitiveness when it comes to characters. There's a lot of YouTube channels that highlight insane builds. Most of the folks that have these crazy character's are "whales", people that spend tons on the game. ...Perhaps I am reaching that point, as I often spend the monthly $15... But believe me when I say that's on the low end and many players easily get into the thousands. If you want to buy a single guaranteed banner 5-star character, it can run you $365 USD, provided you are extremely unlucky.

So, if you share in this fascination with stats like I do, please enjoy looking through my collection, and enjoy!


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Adventure Rank
World Level
Trust Rank
Genius Invocation Level
Level 10 Friendships
Exploration Progress
Monstadt 100% Liyue 100% Inazuma 100% Sumeru 33%

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